MF Entreprise inc.


In 2012, still eager to face new challenges and leveraging from his well-established reputation, Mr. Fredette charts a new path toward the assembly and erection of transmission towers. With teams operating across Canada, these domains no longer holds any secrets for this specialist in the field of energy transmission lines.


Specialized in the assembly and erection of transmission towers, MF Entreprise lnc. was able to gain a foothold in the major leagues from its beginnings in 2012. The company has developed expertise recognized across Canada, and its strength undoubtedly stems from the quality of its work, the respect and even the anticipation of deadlines, as well as the synergy of its teams.


MF Entreprise lnc. constantly strives to push back its limits to achieve excellence, triumph over seemingly insurmountable challenges and to maintain the corporate “family culture” it has built over the years.


Maintain our reputation regarding quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction. Our team is dedicated and hard at work. We are ordinary people who come together to accomplish extraordinary things.


  • Health and safety are at the forefront.
  • Respect for the environment and the community guides our actions.
  • Integrity, transparency and communication are the foundation of our business.
  • Going beyond the commitments to our customers.
  • Providing a healthy, pleasant and stimulating work environment for all employees and management.
  • Sustained involvement in our community.


  • Transmission tower assembly
  • Transmission tower erection
  • Transmission
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Foundation


We are proud to be involved with organizations in our region and to encourage the local economy.